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The Asatru Shop is a mail order business, which originally specialized exclusively in articles from the area of Germanic paganism. In the meantime you will find at Asatru Shop numerous other articles from the fields of Celticism, Middle Ages, Black Metal, Death Metal, Pagan Metal, Viking Metal and other anti-Christian and non-conformist music.

The Asatru Shop does not belong to any political group and sees itself as apolitical and committed to the fundamental and human right to freedom of speech. Since we have nothing to do with politics, we don't let ourselves be stretched in front of the carts of political groups to exclude people. We expressly distance ourselves from nothing and no one, but only feel obliged to the Germanic gods and ourselves.
Our article offer is influenced by customer demand and not by a political ideology.

We do not ask artists, manufacturers or wholesale partners for their party book, as we consider absolute freedom of speech to be a human right. Our product offer is limited only by censorship of the Federal Republic of Germany, not by attitude guards and the opinion dictatorship of individuals.

Hail to you! Hail to the Asen! Hail to our homeland!